Saturday, July 25, 2009


This was a week of first for me. I got to be a part of the birth of a child. Since I had adopted all my children I never had known what it was like to be involved in child birth. I got to feel my grandbaby move in my daughter-in-law Erica. I got feel her stomach as she went into labor. I got to hold my grandson when he was only a few hours old. (No I didn't watch the child birth. Erica and I got the same look on our faces when someone suggested my being in the labor room!) The best part was playing with my beautiful granddaughter all week so her mommy and daddy could be busy taking care of the new baby.

I was fortunate that my granddaughter was happy all the time with me. Everyday we had time with her parents and then it was back to playing. I can't wait until be go back for the blessing of Wesley Kent Munson. Thank you Nate and Erica for the incredible experience. Oh, and the wonderful grandchildren too!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back Yard Excitement

While mowing the lawn Kent came across a nest of bunnies. As the lawn mower came close we saw 6 bunnies scampering to a new hiding place. They were barely 4 inches long and very frightened. Kent moved away from the nest and we took time to enjoy the cuteness of the bunnies. Then came the waiting for the mother to return and find her bunnies. And it did happen. As she approached each of her young the bunnies wanted to nurse. She licked them and calmed them. She then gathered them to a safer spot to live. All that is left is a hole in our lawn filled with the fur from the rabbit's body that was used to make the nest soft and warm.

As we watch animals it gives us such an appreciation for the beauty of God’s creations and for his eternal plan. What a blessing it is to know we are part of his plan.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

St. Louis Cardinals

When we came to St. Louis in 60's the Cardinals, the tiny Ruby Throated Humming Birds and Redwing Black Birds excited us. Certainly, Utah held no birds that were as beautiful or interesting. Today, Kent and I still get excited when a Cardinal comes to roost on our deck, a humming bird drinks from our Canterbury Bells or when we drive past a field with a Redwing Black Bird. As we travel the world it seems that the birds are what fascinate us first. Man can never duplicate the beauty of God's creations.
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