Sunday, February 21, 2010

Turkey attack

Saturday morning I had a remarkable experience. It was barely light as I left for the office. On a nearby backroad, I suddenly spotted 3 wild turkeys about to cross the road. I stopped, blocking their crossing of the road. I thought that the two toms and one hen would fly back into the wooded area. However, apparently the two toms did not like my manuever. They began acting very hostile, attacking my car, pecking at the tires and confronting me. I rolled down the window to see if I could get a picture (of course, I had my camera with me). I thought the lead one was coming through the window to attack me. What beautiful birds they were! It was a once in a life-time experience.

Note: I didn't have time to crank up the ISO setting or the presence of mind to switch on the on-board flash to compensate for the dim light so the turkeys are blurred in the photo as they were moving toward me. (ISO: 400; aperature: 4.0; shutter speed 1/6th).
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