Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day parade

The last St. Patty's Day parade I went to I discovered reflections from the Tuba. Here is the best one yet. You can see the military band, buildings along the side of the street and even the Arch as the band marched down Market Street towards the Arch.
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Nate said...

i think this one is worth submitting to a photo contest. very cool.

Ben and Beccalee said...

Yes, this is an amazing shot. Impeccable placement and great timing. Love that you can see the Arch in it, and the viewer can only guess as to where you must have been standing to capture the shot.

Goes to show that practice and repetition make for perfection. I'm guessing you were thinking well ahead of what you wanted to shoot in this year's parade.

Great shot.