Sunday, May 1, 2011


As these three photographs of the same flower illustrate, perspective, or how you view the event or subject, is key to understanding it. A flower viewed from above is a much different perspective than is gained by viewing it from underneath or focusing upon a single unique feature of a many faceted organism.

Life, often, is about gaining perspective. For example, my view or perspective of what happened to us in the airport in St. Louis a week ago has changed considerably from that moment when we go up off the floor covered with dust and glass. Then, and I still do, I felt that the Lord had protected us. Now, in addition, I perceive the great wisdom of inventors who designed safety glass and engineers who designed sturdy building features. I now have a greater sense of the fragility of life and how important spouses and families are. My perspective of what happened to us is dramatically changed by the photographs and stories of those who lost lives and homes in the recent tornados and storms, not only in St. Louis, but throughout our Southern States. My perspective now is that we had an experience, they suffered a tragedy.

There are many angles. You can look down, across, around, from underneath, from the heart, from the point of view of others, or from a selfish point of view when considering a subject or event. Perhaps, our goal is to come to view life and its events from our Heavenly Father's perspective. What a work to expand our understanding and view of things! Then, we are gaining true perspective.
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