Thursday, September 20, 2012

Incredible Iceland with the modern, breathtaking landscapes and wonders

Reykjavik's Landmark Church


Boiling Water Bubbling Up From  Below

There are hundreds of geothermal locations

The famous Blue Lagoon -  created by hot water coming up from
below the earth after it is used to generate electricity

The Atlantic Ocean meets the shores of Iceland

Country-side church

Interior pasture land

Peaceful Thingvellir where Iceland's first Parliament met in 930 A.D. 

Two great continental  plates meet beneath Iceland.
They are gradually separating. Here is  the only place on earth
where you can see on the surface the of the earth the separation
going on below the crust of the earth.
That separation is seen as this ancient lava flow has
cracked and separated from the forces below.

Mountain created by volcanic activity now covered with tundra- like vegetation

The spectacular Gullfoss waterfall created by water flowing from the
glaciers in Iceland to the sea

Breathtaking volcanic crater

The unique and incredible Icelandic Horse brought to
Iceland by the Vikings.
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