Monday, January 26, 2009

A Minimalist

As I answer the phone and talk to friends and family I am amazed at the technological changes that have taken place in my life time. When I was a young child we didn’t have a phone. I remember the day we got our first phone. It had a short cord and you had to sit in one place to talk. Before you talked you had to listen to see if anyone else was talking since there were 3 other families in the neighborhood who shared our party line. We had our phone for years before I made my first phone call. None of my friends homes had phones so I didn’t have anyone to call.

I wonder how in this 60 year period we went from having a phone as a luxury to every individual in America needs a personal phone. Our travel to parts of the world where individuals do not live a life of indulgence makes me wonder how many other things I can live without. Am I ready for a minimalist life? I thought I had trimmed down and gotten rid of many things this past year. Now I realize that I still have far more “things” than I need. Today, I have started looking at my home and life and I am committing myself to eliminating anything that is not necessary. (Kent can keep his belt.)

In this minimalist thought I am also committing myself to reading and watching only that which will edify. I will not be humorless. I want to have time for fun and friends. I believe both can coexist.

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