Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Strange New World

January 1, 2009
So far we have had a wonderful trip. We haven’t had any bone chilling adventures to speak of. The city of Santiago moves at a show pace, including the Taxi drivers. The city is a beautiful European city. We have been impressed with how friendly everyone is. Friday night at the mall was different that we had expected. Familias were together enjoying each other. (Sorry, I'm typing on a Spanish Computer).

Our first day here Ben and Becca saw the city on foot. The older members of our group chose to go by Taxi. Today we went on a double decker bus. Alter about 2 ½ hours I came back to the hotel for some quiet time with my book. Ben, Becca, and Kent are still in the city sightseeing.

Everywhere we have gone people know about the Church. When Kent asked the Taxi driver if he knew where the Mormon Temple was he corrected him and used the correct name of the Church. The girl cleaning our hotel room is a member of the church. She gave us information about the meetings tomorrow. I think church will be the same as it was when I had little children. I will hope to feel the spirit but not hear (understand) much of what is said.

The weather is in the 80s but without humidity. How perfect! Outside my window I can look past the skyline and see the Andes Mountain Range. Tomorrow we go the opposite direction to the sea.