Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where in the World?

Who can identify where this picture was taken? It is one of two places on earth where you can see streams of boulders as you see in the foreground of the photograph - where veins of solid  rock, due to harsh weather conditions over eons of time, have been shattered into streams of boulders.

Answer: Wow! that generated a lot of non-interest. It is the Falkland Islands, which to me was one of the most interesting place that I have ever visited.. 
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Nate said...

haven't got a clue...

Ben and Beccalee said...

yeah, I had no guess either. It looks a little like the region Becca and I saw on our recent trip to Pointe Reyes near San Fran, but Pointe Reyes was considerably more hilly.